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Hair Fiber (3 colours)

Hair Fiber (3 colours)

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Our Hair Fibers adapt seamlessly to provide instant volume and coverage. Whether you have straight, curly, or textured hair, our versatile product will exceed your expectations every time. Applying our Hair Fibers is a breeze! Simply shake the bottle, sprinkle the fibers onto your desired areas, and witness the magic unfold. No complicated procedures or lengthy routines – just effortless

Our hair fibers are available in three different colors, light brown, dark brown and black, and they are made from morocco plant and minerals colorants that makes the product natural and great for both hair and skin.

When the fibers are spread on the head where the hair has started to get thinner, they catch the hair and make it thicker, it replaces hair that was there before and covers all it's skin visibility that gives the hair thickness and fullness. 

Hairspray, cape and a mirror comes with every order.

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